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Here are the prizes you or your entity can win this year:

Entities that raise the most money (must reach goal):  Entity that has the most unique donations (must reach goal):  Four people who raise the most money individually:  First four people who get a $100 or more donation in their name starting Thursday afternoon until midnight:  Each donation in your name gets you an entry to win: 

For the purpose of prizes, Travesty, Cactus and Burnt X count as one entity.

Follow this template and email your family and friends to ask for support. Every donation matters!

Subject: Support student voices like mine

Dear {NAME},

As you might know, I've been actively involved in {ENTITY}, part of Texas Student Media at The University of Texas at Austin {this semester/this school year/since START DATE}. Through my role, I have had the opportunity to help keep the UT community connected through quality news and entertainment, while gaining invaluable, practical experience that I'll be able to apply in my professional and personal life beyond college. Can I count on you to help continue this essential work at our award-winning student-run media entities?

Your charitable gift through Support Student Voices will help train future journalists, editors, radio producers, TV showrunners and leaders like me. Donate and learn more now at

Thank you for your support!


P.S. Please enter my name in the "Gift Comments" box as you're making your gift and help me reach my fundraising goal. Thanks again!

Post these to your social media accounts to reach the widest possible audience!

Social media post
Personalize your caption and tell everyone about your experience. Here's a suggested start:

Friends & family, I need your help. Being involved at {ENTITY} has been a great experience & I want other students to continue this essential work as they prepare for life beyond UT. Please enter my name in the comments when you donate & help me reach my fundraising goal.

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